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Thread: Gator Jumparoo

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    Gator Jumparoo

    If you are heavily into animals, don't go and see this live show - it is standing only and if you're not in the front row, not a great view.

    They dangle half chickens in front of the Alligators who have to them jump to get them - doesn't always go to plan but great photo if you get it just right.

    The trainers then dangle whole chickens themselves and how they don't lose an arm is a miracle.

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    Oh course the very reason that this show attracts such a crowd is that people are waiting for the gator to take one of the trainers fingers with the chicken. Morbid lot, arnt we?? There is gator wrestling as well and he shows you how to stroke a gator to send it to sleep. Could be useful at some point, you never know!!!

    Julie Carty


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