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Thread: Villas and Hotels

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    Villas and Hotels

    Hey everyone! So I've been browsing here for a few days now as I find myself interested in Orlando as a potential honeymoon spot. My to-be wife as well as my wedding planner, L&L, seem to agree that this could make a good option.

    I'm new to the idea of renting out a villa instead of staying at a hotel room, but it definitely sounds alluring the more I think about it. Just wanted to ask real quick, what kind of difference can I expect in terms of finances and costs for staying in a villa vs a hotel room in Orlando?

    Thanks for the help!
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    I lot will depend on the time of year you choose. If you pick Christmas, Easter or any of the U.S. or UK school holiday periods then you will be going peak period. There will be a lot more people around and everything including flights and cars will be dearer.

    If you can give me an period of the year that you are looking at then I can be a little bit more helpful.

    regards Dave
    Dave Lewis

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    Bear in mind that if you are in a villa you will be free to do what you want when you want. e.g. going in the swimming pool or hot tub at any time day or night that you fancy! We like to relax in the hot tub after the long flight plus with jet lag you might find you're awake at 5am and want a swim.
    Quite often it is cheaper to rent a 4 bed villa than a 3 bed villa due to supply and demand!

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    I find that we save money on food and snacks. We don’t cook as such in the Villa, and do eat out often, but breakfast by the pool is bliss, and after a long day out, it’s lovely to come back with a take out and chill in the hot tub. Wouldn’t go back to hotels. ��


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