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Thread: US Carhire

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    US Carhire

    Hello everyone, I have booked with US Carhire before and just want to make sure they are still trading as booking for next year and things have gone really quiet on this forum.


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    Yes definitely, we are using a car booked through them right now
    Dawn Murray

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    We are indeed trading - there have been a lot of changes with the car rental suppliers over recent months as they struggle to increase their car inventory and meet the huge demand. If you already have a booking then you are all set, as your price is locked in and car reserved. It only becomes a problem if you need to change a booking, as the suppliers then put you on current pricing which in a lot of cases is way higher than the original cost.

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    I’ve experienced this to my cost! I’ve also noticed what appears to be a lack of choice. I have three weeks booked over Christmas with a full-size SUV. I’m looking to increase it to four weeks but there doesn’t seem to be a full size SUV available for the extra week. And I don’t want to cancel my already expensive booking for an even more expensive one. Is a full size recreational vehicle the new definition? I’m looking for a Chevy Tahoe or equivalent.
    The new prices are more than a little off-putting, I may just decide to downsize instead.


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