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Thread: The trip that never was .....

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    The trip that never was .....

    Tomorrow is the day that we should have been flying out to Orlando, we were going to travel down tonight and spend the night in a hotel to start our holiday off. We have been lucky enough to be able to move our villa booking over to next September and Iíve reset our holiday countdown. I know in the grand scheme of things itís not the end of the world but like many other Orlando lovers, I just miss being there so much! This was the first time that we had booked a split stay, one week in a Disney hotel and one week in a villa (from this site) With everything thatís happening itís hard to let myself get too excited about any holiday now. For me, part of the excitement of any holiday was the planning and anticipation of it. Sorry this is a bit of a miserable post, I just felt like putting into words how Iím feeling.
    Keep safe everyone.

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    Nice words Margaret and sure lots of us are feeling that way. Can't beat the feeling when you step off that plane and feel the warm heat knowing your are in Florida and all the excitement and relaxation it brings. Really appreciate it more than we don't have it but fingers crossed we will get back soon!

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    My daughter and family should have flown out 4 days ago and we were saying earlier that the question this morning shoud have been where will we go for breakfast/brunch. Instead we had a delivered mcdonalds, not quite the same. Rebooked for next christmas , will be even better or the wait

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    I'm sure all of us on here can appreciate and understand the way you're feeling, Margaret. Florida is a magical place and we all miss it dearly.
    Tony G

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    I fully understand how you feel, we were due to fly out the day Trump closed the border, now rebooked to April 2021, but really not sure if we will be able to go by then, keeping fingers crossed but can’t get excited at all.


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