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Thread: Remote working

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    Remote working

    I guess very many of us have become used to remote working now. Itís not particularly new to me, for many years I have spent my vacations in Florida whilst still checking in with my desk back in the UK on a daily basis. Even at home, I spend a lot of time away from the desk, often weeks at a time.

    Iím now looking at a semi retirement option, where I plan to work a couple of days a week and have absolutely no need to turn up face to face in London. I can do this from anywhere I want, and when the US opens up again my intention would be to head off for a prolonged break, maybe a couple of months, but still check in regularly and conduct some business when I need to whilst sitting by the pool.

    Do you think an ESTA covers me for this? My employer is UK based. Itís probably a query which is likely to come up a lot more now that we have become accustomed to the Ďnew normalí. I see conflicting arguments when trying to find answers online, hopefully someone here has some experience of this.

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    Personal opinion nothing to do with OV site

    Giving the current status of both the INS and CBP I think you could be in for a world of pain if you talk to them about this.

    You are working for a UK company but with remote working try proving to one of these officials that it does not affect the U.S.

    If you want an easy life when you enter the U.S. just tell them you're retired and having a long vacation. An ESTA does not cover working to the best of my knowledge.

    In fact this is no different to what many people do while checking email and other things while on holiday.

    Given that you have already found many different opinions do you really want to draw attention by asking questions.

    I would just keep quite enjoy my vacation and require fast internet on my villa requests.

    Regards Dave
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    Dave Lewis

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    Fair point.

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    IMHO you only need an ESTA as there are no grounds for a visa. You can easily check if you fit the profile for ESTA by answering the ESTA application questions. Keep off the visa forums as they are full of folks giving well meant but incorrect info (everyone is an expert). Even the border guys get it wrong. 1000s of employed folks go to the USA on vacation and work remotely catching up on emails and urgent issues. The only thing you have to watch out for is the 'Substantial Presence Test' concerting tax.
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