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Thread: Problems having Villa deposit returned

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madabouttigger View Post
    Again, I sympathise with both parties, we had booked and paid for our villa in full, and lost the full costs as the small print in our Posts Office Travel insurance didn't cover us for global pandemic. We didn't expect a refund from the villa owners, as its clearly stated in the T&C's that a refund would not be available so close to the travel date, and I fully understand the rational behind this. However, for future bookings, I am wondering if more owners are available to accept payment by credit cards as there is an extra level of cover, rather than pay pal?
    The problem with credit cards it firstly it costs the Owner a percentage of the payment and secondly while it gives some protection to the booking party there is no protection for the Owner.

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    Quite a few of us do accept credit cards, you just need to ask the specific villa owner. Personally I don't have a paypal account but do accept credit cards. My credit card account is in America so all payments for credit cards are in dollars and are at my fixed dollar price, not related to the exchange rate so frequently you would pay extra but it would give you peace of mind.

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    I have heard that Trailfinders are now offering insurance for both medical and cancellation - haven't checked yet, but if so am sure more will follow
    Dawn Murray

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    Quote Originally Posted by dawn View Post
    I have heard that Trailfinders are now offering insurance for both medical and cancellation - haven't checked yet, but if so am sure more will follow
    I've been looking for new cover and was pleased to read your post about Trailfinders so I called them this morning about what's on offer.

    They will only cover pre-departure cancellations relating to Covid where anybody due to travel is diagnosed with it, has been required to self-isolate or in the event of the death or serious illness of a close relative resulting from the condition. They specifically will NOT pay out if any of those covered are unable to travel due to the kind of circumstances we are discussing on this thread.

    As you say, hopefully there will be some insurers who will cover other types cancellations but I haven't yet been able to find one.

    EDIT: By coincidence this subject has just been discussed by Martin Lewis on Radio 5 Live. He confirmed that some insurers are offering the Trailfinders type of cover but he and his team have not found any that will provide what many of us are looking for.
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