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Thread: rental car - cracked windscreen

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    rental car - cracked windscreen

    Thought i'd post this as info for anyone who gets a cracked windscreen in a rental car.

    Proviso, is that this was with Dollar/thrifty. Other companies may not be the same.

    We've been renting cars in the US for over 20 years, and for the first time, we got a cracked windscreen.

    We popped into a restaurant on US192, not far from medieval times and parked facing US192. When we came out an hour later, we noticed a small chip and a 3 inch crack low down in the front windscreen. Fast forward till the following day around midday. The crack is now 12 inches long heading from the middle towards the drivers side.

    So long as we don't need actual roadside assistance, when i checked our LDW and it looks like we're covered.

    Call dollar roadside assistance number, explained the situation. Yup, fine, but you'll need a police report.
    This is the bit where you may think I've made it up.

    Call 911, explain what's happened and rental co want a police report.

    30 mins later Osceola county sheriff person comes out to house.
    They cannot deal with this callout, Our house is in Osceola county jurisdiction.
    "Accident" occurred in Kissimmee PD jurisdiction. You need to deal with them.

    Called Kissimmee PD. They won't come to different jurisdiction, (i.e our house), but we can drive back to restaurant and wait, or pop down the police station in downtown Kissimmee.
    We went downtown.....

    Spent 30 mins in lobby waiting for an officer. When they did get to us, they couldn't be more helpful. Took photo's, we had to write a statement, and got the police report number.

    Back home, called Dollar assistance again, but got put thru to another dept, who said an assessor would be out within 5 days , blah blah blah. NO WAY!.

    Ended that call and tried again, this time getting thru to someone else, who took the police info, and told us to take the car back and get it exchanged.

    I could say that this was 3 hours of our vacation wasted in getting this sorted, but rather this than getting hit with a bill if we returned it without reporting it.
    Wilf & Sarah

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    Thanks for posting - useful information


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