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Thread: Increasing costs - insurance and accounts

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    Unhappy Increasing costs - insurance and accounts


    Has anyone had their renewals through for Home Insurance.?
    We have a policy with Progressive that has increased by over us$100 to us$1200 on our 3 bed, 2 bath (with new room & wind mitigation deduction premiums) The reason that the increase was so high was due to the increase in claims due to Irma (apparently)
    Just wondered if anyone had any recommendations or thoughts on the premium increase?

    Also our accountant has just advised that they are also increasing their costs for this year. (by approx. US$75) as there are new law changes and new security protocols that have put up the costs of the software. Cost for our accounts (married ) with no ITIN renewal is now us$500.

    I was just wondering what other owners were experiencing - and obviously the bottom line will be that my prices will have to be increased ( or sell the house!!!) but just wondering if anyone else had seen the same? I don't expect prices to stay the same but these both seem high percentage increases.
    Looking forward to some guidance

    Thank you in advance!

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    I have not been a home owner for a while now as we passed the villa on to younger family members.

    I get asked advice sometimes and still have information but I will add my view until a current owner can tell you what they think.

    I never found doing the U.S. tax return that hard and did it myself for about 15 years. It must have been OK because when we 'sold' the villa within the family it went through all the legal part with no problems. However the $500 does not seem that far out from what I think is now being charged to the new owners.

    My only thought on the insurance is how did you get such a cheap quote. At least 3 years ago I would have expected at least 50% more than that. Are you sure you have a rental dwelling policy which includes the pool screen? If you do then I may have to pass the details on as it seems to be a good deal.

    Let's wait and see what others think.

    Dave Lewis

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    Our insurance (progressive) is now $1569 - 1800sq ft 3 bed / 2 bath, str rental, $500 hurricane deductable.
    Agree with Dave that yours is exceptionally cheap
    P.S. Just do your own taxes & save yourself $500 !!!

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    An increase of $ 100 + $ 75 is equal to a rise of $ 3.40 per week Not Bad

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    Thanks for the reassurances - appreciate the time you have all taken to advise.
    For the insurance we have opted for us$1000 hurricane deductible and we have personal liability and rental coverage etc.
    Despite having a Financial Services degree I don't think I could cope with the paperwork and responsibility!


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