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Thread: Real estate agent or company recomendations?

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    Dec 2018

    Real estate agent or company recomendations?

    Hi Every one,
    Does anybody know or can recommend a real estate agent or company in the Davenport, celebration, Claremont, Kissimmee area for 4/5 bed house apartment sales or long term rental ?

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    Jan 2011
    Are you selling Or Buying ?

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    Florida Expert msmiff's Avatar
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    Clevedon, Somerset, U.K.
    I guess everyone has a 'favorite' realtor (estate agent)...
    We bought with the help of Dolbyproperties.com (Leslie Dolby) - the only agent who, in our estimation, was honest about the level of commitment necessary to achive 'break-even' or better from owning a rental villa !!!
    16 years later can confidently say she was right :-)

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    I assume it is more likely to break-even given the amount of competition these days? 16 years is a great achievement, well done.


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