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Thread: Suitcases

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    I think I might be in a minority of 1 when it comes to 4 wheelers. I have a fairly big Travelpro which is a nice case and great for wheeling along level surfaces but I find it awkward when on trains and buses because it won’t sit still like a 2 wheeler unless I lie it flat. I then have to lift up what can be a a heavy case with the side handle when I get off. I had to hold onto it for 15 minutes on a shuttle bus recently to prevent it rolling down the aisle which wasn’t much fun.

    As a result, I’ve mostly gone back to my nearly 20 year old Tumi 2 wheelers which are by a mile the best cases I have ever had but very expensive for occasional travelling. YMMV.
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    I've always avoided expensive looking cases as I feel they might be a target for thieves etc.

    I have a toss up between hard and soft cases. Soft cases seam to last longer. I have had a couple of medium priced hard cases crack or had wheels broken off (one with the whole corner of the case) in transit. I have soft cases that have lasted for years but they give less protection to the contents, especially now any glass bottles (alcohol) bought abroad have to go in the hold luggage.

    Last time I was in Orlando, we had to replace a hard case that was damaged on the way out and treated myself to an American Tourister Mini Mouse, 4 wheel, soft case from the luggage outlet at Premium Outlets. Only used it on the way home but so far so good and it does wheel well. It's great to pack with internal nets etc - I do dislike the way hard cases fold along the short side and find them difficult to open and close. It is also easy to spot on the carousel, another important factor in choosing a case. I am hoping that any thieves will think that someone daft enough to have a Mini Mouse case won't have anything worth steeling.
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    I replaced my old samsonite last year. It was heavy but bomb proof. Whent Antler lightweight hardcase. Very impresssed and love the 4 wheel wheels, makes life so much easier. My luggage gets heavy use and is thrown around lots I would recommend Antler and having 4 wheels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snapper View Post
    My current suitcase is a Samsonite S'Cure Dlx Spinner.

    I've had it now for two years and love it to bits.

    It replaces my previous Samsonite canvas case (reason below) that I had for over a decade.

    So here's why I like it.

    1. The quality of the wheels and bearings are everything with these types of cses. I've seen so many people wrestling with cases around airports as soon as the terrain gets a tiny bit beyond billiard table smooth; and I always have a wry smile as I breeze past them.

    2. I like that it seals around the edges. I gave up on zippers (and canvas) after it was left on the ramp at MCO for a thunderstorm which left everything (including a bunch of papers) inside completely soaked. Never again!!

    3. It has bits that hold each side of stuff in place so it's not a chore to fold it over when packing.

    4. The handle is really solid which makes it easy to drive.

    5. And even when I have my laptop case attached to the handle it doesn't feel wobbly.

    6. It's not heavy so doesn't eat into your weight allowance.

    7. The lock is TSA compliant.

    It's a great case.
    That sounds ideal, Ill have a look.


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