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Thread: Tampa Airport Relocation

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    Tampa Airport Relocation

    Just a heads up for anyone picking up or dropping of at Tampa. The location of the car hire moved 3 weeks ago. The signage is dreadful (even the employees agree). The only sign that I can see is as you enter the airport from the main road.

    Best plan is to follow the signs for economy parking.

    Allow more time now as you have to get on a train to go to or leave the airport.

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    Thank you for letting us know

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    Yes the Car Rental Pick Up area has changed ( a few weeks ago )

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    Thanks for the warning.
    Maureen Green

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    Was in a multi storey car park last year, is that no longer the case?

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    Was in a multi storey car park last year, is that no longer the case?
    It's in a different multi storey car park now, much further from the terminal.

    We dropped a car at the new place this week. We found the signage OK now, although you have to take care to keep well to the left as you enter airport property and take the first left, marked Rental Car Return and Economy Parking.

    We could not find any baggage trolleys in the new rental car center, which might be an issue for some people. You have to go up a floor or two to the train station (there are elevators). The train ride seemed quite long (about 5 minutes, with one stop). From the train station in the terminal you have to go down a couple of floors (there are elevators again).
    Martin and Susan Hockey


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