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Thread: Just the 2 of us -part 1 continued

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    Just the 2 of us -part 1 continued

    Continuing on from my first post which I had to cut short. The first full day (Sunday) we woke up around 6.00 am so we unpacked our suitcases and after showers went out for breakfast. It has become a tradition that on the first (and last) breakfast of our holidays, we always go to Denny's and very nice it was too. After that a visit to Walmart to stock up on some essentials, drink, snacks, toilet rolls lol!!
    After dropping these off at the villa we then made our way to Animal Kingdom. We had already decided that we wanted to "do" the parks again, although this time because it was just David and myself we could afford to take our time and wing it. As it was a Sunday, the park was very busy so we just wandered around taking everything in. We managed to get into the Lion King show just as it was about to start and had great seats!! This is always one of my favourite shows and I did choke up at the beginning as I was remembering other years when we'd been there with our (now grown up) children. We managed to do the Avatar ride which was fantastic, queued an hour for it but it was worth it!! We stayed at the park until the middle of the afternoon by which time we were starting to feel really tired so we decided to go back to the villa and have a dip in the pool and refresh ourselves before going out to Applebee's for our evening meal.
    The next day (Monday) we had decided to go to Universal so set off there after breakfast in the villa. My husband loves Terminator so of course that was the first thing we had to do!! Now I'm not into roller coasters and I'm not that great with some of the simulator rides either, so although I did do the Simpson ride I did feel quite sick afterwards🤢🤢. The park didn't seem too busy, it was very hot so again we took our time walking around. We took the Harry Potter train to Islands of Adventure and then rode it straight back to Universal, I find it very clever how they've done that ride!!
    By the middle of the afternoon we were starting to get tired (not as young as we used to be!!) so decided to go back to the villa. That night we went to a place called Wendy's, we had never been there before. It's just a burger place, similar to McDonalds, no frills!! Not somewhere I would want to go to very often but ok for a cheap meal. I have to say, the decline in the rate of the dollar has made a difference to our spending this time and obviously prices have gone up too.
    So that was the first couple of days, I'll write more another time. Hope I'm not rambling too much but it helps me to recall what we've done if I write it down lol 😀

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    Thanks for sharing, love trip reports.

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    We did the Avatar ride last week and I have to say its fantastic, probably the best ride I have been on. The river ride is pretty good too.

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    When is Terminator closing x We loved this show

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    It's last day was Oct 8th, so it's already closed. We went on it last Nov. It was good but really showing it's age compared to the newer rides. Loved the merch shop attached to it! Sadly it "won't be back", hasta la vista Termie! sorry I couldn't resist. I'll get my coat.

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    Oh no... that's too bad. They didn't even announce it's closing, or I missed it. It was one of the good ones, like Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, and the original King Kong.


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