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Thread: Intermediate SUV (IFAR) vs Standard SUV at Alamo

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    Intermediate SUV (IFAR) vs Standard SUV (SFAR) at Alamo

    Can anyone explain me the difference between the catagory Intermediate SUV (IFAR) and Standard SUV (SFAR)?

    If I look at the specification for the cars mentioned on Alamos webpage (RAV4 / Nissan Rogue / Ford Escape and Hyundai Santa Fe / Chevrolet Equinox), the Intermediate often has a higher cargo volume than the Standard.

    Isn't the IFAR supposed to be smaller than SFAR?
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    Luggage capacity is a tricky one, as car models vary within categories as well as between categories. There is not a bug difference in size between the Intermediate and Standard. The Standard usually has more leg room. Luggage capacity is not a factor in the car category ratings. For example, the Full Size 7 seater SUV typically has barely any luggage capacity compared to the smaller SUVs (since the space is taken up if using the rear row of seats).

    The safest thing may be to book the Standard size, then when you get to the parking lot, check out all the cars in that category. Also look at the Intermediate SUVs and if one of those happens to have more luggage capacity, then take an Intermediate since there is no charge for taking a lower category. But note, on that basis you would not then be able to claim back the difference in cost between the 2 categories since you will have chosen to take the lower category car.

    I see you did email us with the same question, but I replied on here instead since this topic may be useful to others.

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    We struggled with luggage in an intermediate SUV last time we did a girls only trip (4 women!), we had a Jeep Compass. This time we went for a standard. We had a Chevrolet Traverse (???sp) we were able to put the back row of seats down and had loads of room for luggage and shopping!


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    We usually have an intermediate SUV for three of us. Can get three medium cases (the 23kg ones) in the boot + one or two hand luggage in the boot with the third hand luggage in the back with our adult daughter. I think it would be a squash for 4 laddies ! However I do have a thing about no boot luggage above the top of the back seats on safety grounds - I even put a seatbelt around the hand luggage on the back seat !.
    We have had a Nisan Rogue a few times and find that just right for us.
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