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Thread: At last... then end of Killer whale "shows"

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    At last... then end of Killer whale "shows"

    Great news

    Sea world have finally accepted that making the Killer Whales perform tricks for their food is cruel and unacceptable. This is on the back of the death of Tilikum.

    It has taken them a while, but this is their second step, the first one being stopping the cruel forced breeding programme that led to families of whales being ripped apart (something that wouldn't happen in the wild). We can only hope that they are close to the final step - finding a way of returning these magnificent creatures to an environment closer to their natural habitat.

    The only sad thing is that they more than anyone must have known how cruel this was and yet it has taken commercial pressure to get them to do the right thing (probably not a surpris

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    Happy New Year Fraser.

    Not so long ago anybody expressing that kind of sentiment on this or any other Florida forum would have met with widespread criticism and accusations of being some sort of spoilsport. I think it's quite significant that your comments aren't even being mildly challenged now and I see that as evidence of a pretty sharp reversal in the attitude towards these kind of shows.

    I don't mind admiting that I visited Seaworld in San Diego with my then young children as far back as 1992 and we all thoroughly enjoyed the show. I now have grandchildren of the same age but in 2017 I wouldn't dream of taking them.
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    I have always been and will continue to go, the show changed back in 2010 and it isn't the same. The film has never stopped me visiting. I am looking forward to see the way forward.

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    Thomas Cook axes trips to SeaWorld over animal welfare concerns

    Holiday giant Thomas Cook has announced it will stop selling trips to animal parks that keep killer whales.
    The firm said more than 90% of its customers were concerned about animal welfare.
    The two parks it will stop selling tickets to as a result are SeaWorld, in Florida, and Loro Parque in Tenerife.

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    Good........... But it means less queueing time for USA guests & less crowded theme park in Seaworld Fl.

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    Nobody should be buying theme park tickets from Thomas Cook to begin with, over priced compared to many other vendors.


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