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Thread: Changing car midway through rental

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    Changing car midway through rental

    If you pick a car at the airport and they do not have the choice you wanted , would you be able to visit another depot to swop it later into your rental, this would also be within the same category of car.
    Previously using Alamo I have never found the car I wanted i.e. Jeep Cheroke, so thought this time I would take whats going and try to swop later?
    Any experiences out there?

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    I've only ever had to change a car mid-rental because it was faulty and they were obviously fine with that. I've not (yet) done it because I didn't like the car I was given.
    Tony G

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    You can generally do this, but make sure you have a copy of your voucher with you. If on the Gold option, you would have to return the first car as empty as possible of gas, then the second car collect full and return full. If on the Silver option then return both cars full (to avoid 2 refueling charges).

    Note that Alamo are only required to give you the class of car you want, or better (not an exact make and model) so if you go to another depot part way through, they do have a right not to let you swap the car, but I know from experience that they are generally very accommodating so it should be fine.

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    I doubt very much you would be able to swap a car say 1 week into a 2 week rental unless it was faulty. just because it is not the car you want. As far as I know they do not have to specify a particular car, just similar. Also if you have the gold option then the tank of fuel comes with the car, so I doubt very much they will swap an empty tank car for a full tank car. But if you find any fault with the car, they will certainly look at it for you.


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