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Thread: Realtor advice

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    Realtor advice

    We are returning this year with a view to start villa hunting. We have previously stayed in a property on Calabay Parc and upon trying to book to return have been told the property might be on the market later in the year. We "trust" he vendor as we have dealt with her previously (Hello Kay if you are on here!) My question is this, how the heck do you suss out a good realtor from a shark from so far away? Is there such a thing as a trustworthy Realtor? I assume the best practise is meet and make your own mind up.

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    If you are buying the property you are staying in then do not employ a realtor as you will be throwing money away. If you are looking for a realtor to take you around to look at properties then fine. I am sure some folks will come up with recommendations. If it was me (I used to be a realtor) I would simply find a property and buy it. I would not go through a relator unless selling or buying a new one (simply for the kick back). If you are going to use a realtor. Agree a kickback and get it in writing. Often these guys are earning 4 - 7 %. Just be careful that is not getting watered down via a recommendation, in which case there will be no room for you to get the kick back. Also be aware that everyone calls themselves realtors and the reality is not many actually are. They may well be licensed to sell houses but being a realtor is another level up.


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