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Thread: first thanksgiving in America

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    Gold 5 Star Member Andrena's Avatar
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    Oct 2004
    Edinburgh, United Kingdom
    Last three years we have found most of the popular restaurants like Outback, Longhorn etc are closed so we find it simpler to stay at home and relax. We are lucky to have locals as neighbours so we have either had them come to us orbwehave gone to them.


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    Gold 5 Star Member E. Cosgrove's Avatar
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    Apr 2004
    Never tried the outlets but have been to Florida Mall twice. The first time I was in the overflow car park but last year parked in the main car park on problem.Didn't find the roads unduly busy.
    biggest queue both years was in Gap.


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    Gold 5 Star Member LiesaAnna's Avatar
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    Sep 2004
    Brighton, United Kingdom
    dont mind the black friday sales.. its not like we can bring loads home think we will have a nice meal back at the villa for Thanksgiving ...

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    Florida Chatterbox
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    Feb 2006
    Last time we were there for Thanksgiving only place open was a Sizzler and not good. Found a few bargains in Walmart early in morning, mainly buy dvd's, but in the scramble picked up a Spanish version.
    Imagine the papers would have details of what's available in the big stores. Watched a few Extreme Couponer programmes and they open early hours of morning. I love a bargain but even I'd give that one a miss!

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    Feb 2003
    For those wanting to keep up with Black Friday bargains there are websites you can sign up to which will send you details of the offers from the different stores.

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    Florida Chatterbox DisneyFunVilla's Avatar
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    May 2011
    I try to look at ROI. The return on investment for me getting up super early and waiting in very long lines compared to the savings I'd get is just not there. I am one American who has NEVER participated in the whole Black Friday thing. My wife has, though ... That's fine, she can shop and wait in line at 6:00am, I'll sleep in.


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