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Thread: Cracker Barrel

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    Nov 2006
    Wakefield, West Yorkshire

    Cracker Barrel


    Has anyone ever eaten here. We pass the one near the junction of the us27 and I4 nearly every day and my wife says it always looks full with lots of cars in the car park.


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    Have eaten in several Cracker Barrels off the I75 on the Gulf Coast. It is what it is - hearty country food. No liquor but plates piled high with good food, not exactly fitting any diet! The restaurants are also home to a shopping area with everything from boxes of peanut brittle to clothes to rocking chairs. Their locations are only by the Interstates.

    American friends of ours with a home in another State across country say you can rent a DVD in one Cracker Barrel and return it to a Cracker Barrel elsewhere - naturally have not tried this possibility.
    Clare R

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    Florida Expert gail and david roberts's Avatar
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    Nov 2003
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    we have years ago and would never go back

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    I know the one you mean and have eaten there several times. The food is as mentioned home style cooking and is always fresh. It does get very busy but we do not normally have to wait for a table. We also like to look round the shop and have bought a few bits and pieces over the years. They have some very nice sweets and pie fillings.

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    I always like to go and look around the shop (especially Christmas time) and have eaten there a few times. I like the meatloaf and cornbread biscuits. Their breakfast is supposed to be really good but have not persuaded hubby to go in that time of day yet.
    Babblin Boo

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    We also passed the one on the H27 many times (over several years) and this year we decided to give it a try. Loved the food, especially the chicken pot pie on Wednesday lunch times. The soup & sandwich combo is also good. Most drinks are unlimited refills and the home-made lemonade is very refreshing (in a frozen glass). Now we go at least three times a week. Check out the website for menus and then make a visit. It is very popular with the locals.

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    I think that it must be one of those places that appeals to some tastes and not others.
    We had tried it once and vowed never to return, but, on recommendation from a friend gave it another go! We were right the first time!!

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    Leek, Staffordshire
    The breakfasts are good, they must be doing something right as the car park is always full, I love the shop, but the restaurant is a bit like marmite some love it and some hate it!!
    Jan & Rob

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    Used to like eating there - but in the last few years found the portions smaller but the bill much bigger. We brought my parents there last year and for a very ordinary meal paid not much shy of $20 each by the time you added coffee, sodas etc - can get better value elsewhere now.

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    Have to say I agree with ChrisC, we didn't like the food that we ordered for our evening meal when we went but we did enjoy the breakfasts that we had previous to that visit. I love the shop and we always go in there at least once when we are over on holiday..... the shop smells gorgeous as well, apples and spice.......


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