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Thread: Mission Space

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    Mission Space was fine at the time but I felt so ill afterwards I had to go back to the villa for a sleep

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    The HP ride made me woozy, yet I love big roller coasters and do not have an issue with them. I find most simulator rides can make me woozy, apparantely some folks are sensitve to the movie not being 100% in synch. Never made me really ill, just a little woozy.
    If you fancy having a go on coaster, try Thunder Mountain. It is a great ride and the theming is impressive. No loops or 360's. Top speed is just 28mph. I have took quite a few coaster whimps on that who were pretty much terrified in the queue. They all rode it again

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    Thanks for all your replies. I don't think I'll brave it, I'll just go on the tame one. I can remember how sick I felt after going on the HP ride lol

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    I would never go on it again, it made me feel really sick and dizzy


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