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Thread: Kennedy Space Centre

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    Aug 2012
    Kennington, Kent, UK

    Kennedy Space Centre

    We always vist Kennedy Space Centre when in FL. Last time (2006) they were preparing a launch experience simulator. I would love to give it a try on our up coming trip but I don't "do" coasters or stuff like that. Has anyone experienced this and if so, what was your general opinion? I realise you won't know whether I will be scared or feel uncomfortable but I guess I'm wondering if it's stomach churning (yes I know I'm a wuz, I'm past my "pushing the envelope" days and don't like not feeling in control on rollercoasters etc)


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    Florida Chatterbox syrup's Avatar
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    Hi Nick,

    I did it last year I thought it was brilliant. Honestly you shouldn't have any problems. I don't want to give anything away but it isn't at all like a coaster ride. Go for it!


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    Super Moderator florida4sun's Avatar
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    It is not a ride, you will be fine, great experience.

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    Hi Nick, A bit of an opposite view I'm afraid !!! from a 63 year old's point of view...:-(
    HAVE to do any new 'coasters & simulators.....
    Only coaster which gives me the willies is Gwazi at Busch (I think mainly because it's wooden & my engineering head don't like wood as a construction material - oh, and it's a very rough ride....)
    Did Launch experience last year, definitely not stomach churning, but did find extended period of extreme vibration uncomfortable to the point I had to lift my head away from headrest.....
    Wouldn't have missed it for the world....But won't be doing it again....(no problems with "Mission Space" !!)

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    Edinburgh, United Kingdom
    We love it there, we buy an annual pass so that we can go several times when we are over. Our 5 year old grandson is a real fan, he wants to be a spaceman when he grows up and loves meeting the Astronauts.


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    Kennedy Space Centre

    I think we may give it a try next week
    Randy Johnston

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    Don't forget the new Space Shuttle Atlantis Exhibit is opening in a week or so.

    I love the fact they decided not to wash it, but to leave the debris on it to give everyone a real taste of the difficulty of it's journey.


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    Feb 2002
    I'm not sure as well but when we were over in April you could still tour the VAB and go up to the launch pad now they aren't being used, so it's well worth a visit even without the simulator if you decide to give that a miss.
    Babblin Boo


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