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Thread: Visiting in December

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    Aug 2012

    Visiting in December

    Hi all,

    We are visiting with our two sons (16 & 14 year olds ) in December this year and were looking for assistance from some kind soul as it is our first visit.

    We have booked flights only and we are due to arrive on the 13th DEC to the 26th DEC.
    Looking around the web, I have already got a headache and am knackered at just the prospect of coming to Florida for a holiday, LOL!

    We are not all big Disney fans but the other attractions / parks appeal to us. As long as we can keep the boys happy and entertained - and out of sight, hehe, then we wont go far wrong.

    Perhaps I can ask for some help with the basics, we need a villa. Just two bedrooms would be enough. It would be nice if it had a heated covered pool but not essential. It would be nice to have DVD's and something to do like a games room or Playstation / Xbox to chill out with when we are there.

    We really are newbies here so some advice or help on what and where to do things, best place for tickets / tours would be great.
    Fun and adventure is the challenge to give the family some memories for a life time without killing me or my lifes savings.

    I/we will appreciate any thoughts or helpful suggestions. I know I have been vague but my brain is already fried just finding the flights!! We just want to come and have a fun time without too much hassle or drama[]

    THanks in advance

    I'm daft, she's dizzy

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    Welcome to the forum Dnd, I'm sure you'll get a lot of useful info here.

    The best thing to do for accommadation is to put your requirements together into a search on either Orlando Villas or Orlando Villa Rentals (links above). Then you should only receive replies from owners who meet your needs.

    Have fun in the looking, it's part of the holiday!

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    You won't get a villa with two bedrooms - in the main, three-bedroom villas are the smallest for rental in Orlando.

    You can either get a three-bedroomed villa or a two-bedroomed condo. If you opt for the villa, I would definitely recommend you pay the extra for pool heating.

    Whatever you do, have a great time.

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    Florida Chatterbox syrup's Avatar
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    My wife and I are going in December and as said previous I don't think a 2 bedroom villa exists, a three bedroom villa would be reasonable. I personally would certainly go for a villa as it pool would be covered and you can pay to have it heated, a must in December. Most have dvd players, free wi-fi and plenty have a games room. Just search the Villa Links at the top of the page.

    We often go in in December as it coincides with our wedding anniversary and my wife's birthday. We are now of the age when when we don't like it too hot so we find the weather very suitable, certainly shorts weather but you can get the odd couple of cold days.

    We won't be doing the Main Parks as we did them last year with our son and his family. There is still plenty to do though.

    Have a great time!

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    Chatham Park, Kissimmee & Glenfield, Leicester
    A three bedroom villa would be ideal for you, all of the pools will be outdoor pools but with a bug screen if that is what you mean by covered. You will find this site a fountain of knowledge and advice all the links at the top of this page are really good for your park tickets, car hire and villa rental. Since finding this site I have never gone anywhere else for my car hire or park tickets.

    You say you are not big Disney fans but there are 4 disney parks and if you don't want Magic Kingdom I would not miss the others especially EPCOT our 'children, 30 & 25' could not visit Florida without going to EPCOT. which they first visited when they were 5 & 11.

    I think you need to sort out a villa rather quickly as Christmas is a busy time.

    Just ask away. there will be someone on here who can answer any questions you might have.

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    You have come to the right place to cure 'the headache' as this site can help you find suitable accommodation, car hire and tickets for attractions. Members are also a fount of knowledge on other attractions in the area apart from the parks 'so ask away'.

    If you use the links above in the comments box you have the option of listing your 'wish list' eg DVD's, wi fi, games room etc. We also have a map showing where the different villa communities are and information on each again if it is important to be near shops etc again you can put this in the comments section. There are also links for car hire and sat nav plus a range of different parks and attraction tickets.

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    Aug 2012
    Thanks for the welcome MTP and thanks FATHER and syruo. A three bedrrom villa it will be then with pool heating.
    The weather sounds about right at that time of year, we do not like it too hot either.

    Good point about wedding anniversary - ours is also in DEC - thanks for reminding me! I must not forget hehe.

    We have started a list now of things we want to do. It is probably the best that for now we jot down some ideas and then slowly we can build a picture and then later make a plan.

    We will keep reading but all insights are welcome.

    The list is small right now, Epcot, Busch Gardens and an Everglade ride. We will keep adding :-)

    Thanks again

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    Aug 2012
    Thanks Lyn and Jill.

    I will work on a villa right now :-) EPCOT on the list. Disney has 4 parks - never knew that, thanks.

    Would you recomend we get a hire car? I must admit that waiting around for shuttle buses doesn't thrill me and the cabs sound a bit pricey
    Then again, parking and taking ages to get about or out of the parks isn't much fun. Private driver anyone, lol .


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    Calabay Parc, Florida & Purley, Surrey
    Definitely hire a car, it just makes life so much easier and Florida is definitely geared towards private car travel rather than public transport.
    Caroline & Dave

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    I would definitely hire a car, and the link at the top of the page to our mind provides not only the best value but also the best service.
    driving is easy, the roads are wide and parking spaces huge. Traffic should not be too bad either, much less heavy than at other times of year so getting out of the parks will be easy.



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