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Thread: Taking food into the park?

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    Taking food into the park?

    Hey y'all...new member here! I have a question for y'all- can you bring food into Aquatica? Also, what do you do with your bag/towels/etc while you are riding?? At our local water park, we just get a couple loungers and leave the bag there. Is it safe to do the same at Aquatica? Seeing how we are going to be there all day and my wife and I both had gastric bypass, we really need to bring our meals in with us. Can you bring lunch in or will they make you throw it out? Thanks in advance. We are heading up to SeaWorld and Aquatica for the first time tomorrow!!

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    There is a restriction to the size of cooler you can take into seaworld and its quite small- maybe if you look on their website it might give you an idea.I don't know about Aquatica- we have been but didn't take a cooler but we did take one to Typhoon lagoon and it was no problem.
    With regards to towels etc - you just grab a lounger and leave your stuff there while you go do rides etc. We also just usually leave our bags under the lounger but with no valuables in- there are lockers you can put wallets in etc.

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    I would really email the people at Seaworld/Aquatica and explain what you have above. This is that you have a medical need to bring certain food into the park. I do not think it will be a problem but a printed copy with the right persons name on it should help you through the gate.

    Regards Dave
    Dave Lewis

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    Don't know about Aquatica but you can only take snacks into Sea World, saw someone have to through away the sub rolls he had.

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    Last time we visited people were being asked to leave picnic food at the gate.

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    The official line is no picnics in the parks. If you have dietery requirements, The parks will accommodate. That said you do see people in the parks with eir own sandwiches but you can be stopped at the gate. Most water parks will a cooler but check first. Personally i dislike carrying anything around, have a good beakfast, snack for lunch then out somewhere for dinner.

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    They were only allowing baby food when we went to aquatic in October, no adult food whatsoever.
    They confiscated a bag of Doritos off us and then when we bought lunch inside from one of the cafes we bought some kettle chips which were out of date and they did not have any other boxes that were in date.


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