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Thread: Gas BBQ Grills at Villas

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    Cool Gas BBQ Grills at Villas

    I have noticed a trend over the past few years for bbq grills to be provided from a third party for an additional charge. I understand the convenience of this service as maintaining a gas grill and keeping it clean is time consuming and often renters will leave them in a disgusting condition. As owners, or even visitors renting a villa, what would you consider to be a reasonable price to charge for thsi service, and are the grills provided of at least an acceptable quality? The villa I just leased for 2 weeks lists a gas grill as one of the ammenities, but after I paid for the 2 weeks the owner informed me it was an additional $40 per week. Is $80 for 2 weeks use common, and are there any options anyone knows of to rent one directly once we arrive? Thanks for any suggestions or comments.


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    Gas BBQ Grills at Villas

    I paid $50 for 2 weeks
    Randy Johnston

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    We rent BBQs at the moment for our guests its $45 per week , no mess, clean BBQ and full gas bottle, but we are thinking of buying a electric grill this visit for guests to use free .
    you can buy a small charcoal grill from wal-mart for $19 and then bin it after your stay .

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    We rent gas BBQ from MC US$55 weekly comes with a full gas gottle

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    We provide a BBQ for our guests free of charge. They must clean it before they leave otherwise we have to charge them for having it cleaned.

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    We also have a gas BBQ....We make it clear that it's an amenity provided free.
    Cleaning totally on trust !!!
    If it's not clean - blame previous guests...

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    We also provide a nice gas BBQ free of charge and ask the guests to keep it clean.

    We have had one guests ruin one by using coals and had to replace another through general wear and tear so they do not last as long as one would at home.

    I think they are the preferred cooking method while on holiday and our friends and cleaners say they pretty much cook everything on theirs.

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    We used to rent BBQs for our guests at $45 per week. However, on our last trip we bought one and left it for our guests to use free of charge.

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    We too provide a gas BBQ free of charge for our guests, we do say that if it needs extra cleaning then $50 will be deducted from their security deposit, have never had to do it. I would be very annoyed if a guest were to buy a charcoal grill and use it on our deck. We several years ago had someone do that and the mess was awful. I withheld their security deposit as I had to repaint the area of deck. Charcoal grills are messy and we do not allow them. The gas grill is provided free and surely that is enough and as it is free then surely it is not too onerous to clean it when you are finished.


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    I query the wording of 'supplied free' - whatever is supplied is included in the rental cost - there is nothing free.
    Clare R


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