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Thread: Flying children

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    Flying children

    Ok, 5 days to hit me with tips for flying with children 15 months and 2 1/2 years please!!

    Flying economy with Virgin and it'll be one of the old planes i think? So no selective tv, just whatever is showing.

    Thanks in advance as always.
    Garry Pullan

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    Colouring books and ipod/mp3 for the 2.5 year old have worked a treat for us.
    15 months is tricky- favourite toys?
    With alightly older tinies we had a set period of time that each adult was responsible before handing over to another-it's a bit like pass the parcel but needs must!

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    Here is what has worked for us in the past (ours are 7&5). Each child has their own backpack - even our daughter when she was 18 months. Plan on one activity for each hour of flight. We usually buy some small toys and wrap them up before putting in the backpack. Every hour, they get to open up something new. Small plastic animals, matchbox cars, coloring books, age appropriate magazines, those little magic drawing blocks (lift up the foil and the picture is erased). This year, we will also be giving out new cartridges for the leapster max (just don't forget the headphones not to disturb the 'neighbours'). Speaking of neighbours, I have seen on some forums that parents buy everyone around them a drink on board to sweeten them up.[beer]

    Don't forget to pack plenty of extra snacks. If you can handle the sticky, lollipops keep them quiet for a while, just don't forget to also pack wet wipes!

    Do they like their car seats? We found that because they were used to sleeping in car seats, flights were much better when we took them on board with us. The children are used to being confined and know that it is not okay to get up and run about/climb over the seats in front and behind. It also gives them more support when sleeping. Just make sure that the car seat is airline approved.

    Don't forget also, that they may not sleep on the way home, so you need to plan for that too. Many people recommend benadryl to make them sleepy, but be warned, it can also make them hyper (ask me how I know!). You can also visit the dollar store to pick up gifts/activities for the return flight.

    Most importantly, if they have a special 'lovey' for sleeping with, that gets packed in handluggage too.

    Also, keep your fingers crossed for seat-back entertainment systems. We always had them on our flights with Lufthansa. Flying Delta in an older plane so it will be overhead movies for us this trip

    Hope this helps,

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    <blockquote id="quote" class="ffs">quote:Originally posted by gpullan
    Ok, 5 days to hit me with tips for flying with children 15 months and 2 1/2 years please!!

    Flying economy with Virgin and it'll be one of the old planes i think? So no selective tv, just whatever is showing.

    Thanks in advance as always.


    Ooh, Gary, I thought at first that you had found a way to save money on the kid's flights (Flying Children)! Get them to fly across the Atlantic.

    Although we don't have little ones ourselves, we have seen many different approaches to entertaining children on a long flight - from totally ignore them and letting them scream for hours on end until they fall asleep, to the pass the parcel form of child care.

    We are always surprised at how some children are absolutely marvellous on a long flight - but it does seem that those parents who actively keep them amused seem to fare better. Don't forget their favourite cuddly night time toy, that can work wonders when it is time for a sleep. The idea of wrapping something up to open each hour is also brilliant.

    Hope they, and you, cope ok, and that you have a great holiday.

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    We did the pass the parcel when my youngest was 17 months old. We did find the cabin crew very helpful with drinks etc and just checking that we were ok regularly (but I imagine that is down to the people as I feel the service generally has gone down of late) Personal DVD player for 2 1/2 with some fave films? I think for the younger one hope that they will sleep for a good portion of the flight! We also put the children in crops when they were younger so if damp floors in toilets no hems dragging [msnwink] (actually we still all do this still )


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