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Thread: relocating to Tampa

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    relocating to Tampa

    myself, husband and children aged 16 & 10 are planning on starting the process of visa application - we would love to stay around Dunedin in Tampa area but would appreciate if anyone could help with breakdown of costs for everyday foods, insurance (medical) etc can anyone recommend any good schools in that area also, My husband is a foreman for a roofing company and would like to remain in this area of construction, can anyone advise if the job market is strong for this field? any help would be gratefully received.

    thank you

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    I hate to disappoint you but I would say you are very unlikely to get a Visa based on the info you have given (unless one of you as a US citizen - which I suspect is not the case). There are many more hurdles before you can even start to think of schools etc. If it was your husbands own construction company then it may have been easier. There are quite a few people who have much more knowledge of the Visa system.

    Unfortunately it's not quite so easy as wanting to go and applying, my husband is a carpenter and is confident he could earn a decent living over there with the skills he has and seeing some of the workmanship but knows that without either buying a company or transferring an existing business which he doesnt have, it isn't possible.
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    Vonnie I'm sending you a link..go read everything..ask questions..you don't have to join the forum just to read...I think you will find all the info you need there..I'm not sure you'll get a visa from the info you told us here..I don't know if you have talked to a visa lawyer or anyone ...its not easy to get to the US and even harder to stay

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    thank you guys for your advice I know its a massive hurdle but we are going to try our best and see if it is possible!


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