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Thread: New Fantasty Surf Experience, Kissimmee

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    New Fantasty Surf Experience, Kissimmee

    The new surf experience looks to be open as of today.

    It's located on Poinciana Boulevard across from Camping World. We drove past today and looks to be up and running having been under construction for quite some time now.

    Note, the address is actually Kyngs Heath Road (not Poinciana Boulevard) as that is the name of the little side road adjacent to it although the building faces on to Poinciana Boulevard. The front of the building is all glass so from the outside you can see the surfers doing their stuff.

    For more details see


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    Has anyone ever been to this and if so is it any good?

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    Yes we went there last week. My son, Matthew, 12, took part. It cost $25 but we had a $3 voucher, one of those in the little booklets you pick up in the restaurants! [msnwink] The $25 is for a half hour session. Matthew skateboards and snowboards, so we thought he would pick it up really easily but it is very hard. Also much as he did enjoy it, he did say when you fall off, which happens often, the surface is quite hard at the back of the wave area. He was in a group of 5 children and there was a good instructor. There are a couple of boards you can use, wave boards and small surf boards. It wasn't busy when we went, we just walked in and there was one lesson already taking place, then we were next. You have to wear a t-shirt and swimming shorts are best. I would say for beginners the first 15 minutes will be spent trying to stay on the board.....! The force of the waves is quite extreme.....!

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    Is this for all ages? I'd love to try surfing


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