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Thread: Daytona or Cocoa beach ?

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    Daytona or Cocoa beach ?

    Visiting Orlando Oct 8th, want to visit beach Daytona or Cocoa

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    Both have good points Daytona has a lovely beach that you can drive on and then go to the Daytona speed way and go on the track and sit and watch if there is no race on a good shop as well .
    Cocoa is good when you get to see the shurttles go of if they have any also the beach near the pier is nice also you can go on the pier free to have something to eat .Also Ron Johns surf shop is a place to visit .
    Depends what you like to do .

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    Gold 5 Star Member stabard's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    Our lot all love Cocoa, it is very chilled. Only a 50 minute drive from Orlando along the Beach Line and then brekkie at Zachary's diner. Car park is right by the pier so you can take your chairs and picnic basket with you. Pier is great for some food and drink also, surf can be fun and the volleyball is a blast. Also has a good skete park on Minuteman Causway if, like mine, your kids are into that.
    Jan and Lee

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    Florida Expert gail and david roberts's Avatar
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    Nov 2003
    w,yorkshire/The manors westridge
    I like Daytona beach the best,as Maureen said you can sometimes take your car on the beach,which is $5 for the day
    they do stop this when the turtles are laying there eggs
    The beach staff are great and have help us out of the sand two years running. The sand you park on is soft not packed hard like the road , so you may get stuck [msnembarrased][msnsmile2]
    I would pack the car up with Drinks and food if you are staying for some time ,and any foldaway chairs as this can become costly to hire
    if there are a lot of you going for the day.
    if you take your driving licence with you , you can hire a quad for a couple of hours which is great fun.[msncool]

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    Florida Expert canarypam's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    High Grove Resort and Norwich
    Clearwater Beach LOL!

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    Florida Expert floridageoff's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    <blockquote id="quote" class="ffs">quote:Originally posted by gail and david roberts
    I would pack the car up with Drinks and <span style="color:red">"snakes"</span id="red"> if you are staying for some time ,and any foldaway chairs as this can become costly to hire if there are a lot of you going for the day.

    Glenda and Geoff

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    Florida Savvy
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    Both beaches are lovely, it depends on the age of your kids as well because, when my kids were young I did not feel comfortable on Daytona with the cars and beach buggies about and could not relax.

    Cocoa, like has been posted you can park right next to it - it has a playground just off the beach and has a lovely pier.

    Which ever beach you choose in Florida, even if its just a small municiple picnic area by the beach are fabulous.

    Make sure you take or buy some beach chairs (Walmart about $6 each cheaper than hiring) and maybe a picnic - dollar stores or Deal$ sell polystyrene Cool Boxes for a few dollars, tip - put your water bottles in the freezer overnight to act as ice blocks keeping your picnic cool.



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    Gold 5 Star Member SDJ's Avatar
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    Windwood Bay/Tavistock, Devon.
    If you are staying in a villa you may find some of them provide cool boxes and beach chairs[msnwink]

    Seriously, as said, it depends what you want from your visit. Have fun.


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    Florida Expert abbeyvillas's Avatar
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    Sep 2004
    New Smyrna Beach is nice too, we were there a few weeks back. It's not far from the other two and also you can drive your car and park up on the beach just like Daytona. Have a great time!


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