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Thread: Wizarding World of Harry Potter to be Extended!

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    Wizarding World of Harry Potter to be Extended!

    We have recently come back from Florida and visited the WWOHP several times when we were there. The area is fantastic, but the land taken up for its building (what previously was the lost continent) is now very sad compared to the new area.

    We spoke to a Universal Rep when we were there who had indicated that the HP area would be extended in the next 18 months or so to take up the remaining land which is still the lost continent - the area where sinbad, the mystic fountain and poseidons fury is currently at.

    When we got home i was looking on Mugglenet (big HP fan!) and this seems to have been mirrored with other visitors who have also spoken to staff at universal. So looks like its going to be extended further, which in my opinion would be fantastic!

    Maybe we will be seeing a Diagon Alley, Azkaban or Gringotts in IOA very soon! [msnsmile2]

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    I would like to see more for little kids..fast rides and roller coasters are putting me off the parks..

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    I am a huge Harry Potter fan, I was one of the very sad people (and there were lots) who queued on three occasions outside the local bookshop at midnight to get the last 3 books when they came out, then sat up all night and read them !! Can't wait til we go in Oct 2012 to go to WWHP, maybe the new part will be built by then ... who knows [msnsmile2]

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    I got hooked on the books when my youngest started reading them, he always wanted me to read the same books as him so we could talk about them - his next addiction after HP was the Darren Shan books! if anybody has read those you'll know why I preferred HP!!!!

    I'm desperate to see the HP World but I REALLY want to go and explore it when it's empty, anybody know how I can get in after the park closes[msnwink]

    Wendy you're not sad, one of the movies was released the day we flew out to Florida - I managed to get a copy of the DVD at the airport and we watched it on the laptop with the little girl in the row behind leaning over the seat to watch along with us!! My hubby ended up swapping seats with her so she could watch in comfort[msnwink]

    Another time a book was released while we were in Florida (it was actually the day before we came home) I managed to get a copy before we got on the plane but made the mistake of only buying one and my son decided not to sleep so he could read it! I had to wait til we got home [msncry]

    Caroline & Dave


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