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Thread: Where to have a party

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    I would recommend City Walk for that age group. You can even combine it with an evening out yourself- go for a meal and to the cinema whilst they boogie the night away! You can do a meal deal for this- check the web site.
    I think you will find they won't want to go out much away from you- that is our experience with friends anyway!

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    <blockquote id="quote" class="ffs">quote:Originally posted by caroline
    From what you've said I'd recommend City Walk, there's plenty for them to do and the picking up is easy and signposted (been there, done it and got the t shirt!!) make sure they have ID with them.
    An Id with their picture on it, or they won't get through.

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    Thanks Guys, the City Walk it is then. The wife and I might even join them on the dance floor, show them a few of our 80's moves. Talking of ID's, would a UK driving licence (with picture) be acceptable. I would be a bit worried about sending them off with their passport.

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    UK Driving licence it good.


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