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Thread: When to visit this weekend

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    When to visit this weekend

    We have set aside either Sunday or Monday to visit Typhoon Lagoon. We are aware the schools are closed on Monday and wonder whether there is likely to be a busier day on Sunday or Monday.

    Does anyone have any experience?

    Any info gratefully received.

    Thanks Nadine

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    Hi Nadine

    Our favourite water park[msncool]

    I would suggest get there early, if park opens at 10am get there 9.15/9.30ish (if its 9am get there 8.15/8.30ish)
    They let you enter before opening main area and you can get down to shop/rentals area to have a look round.

    Once they drop the rope at bridge go in and do as many of tube rides/slides as possible before park gets to busy. I don't think either day will be that much different at that time of year for crowds.

    If you plan to stop all day take a picnic, just make sure you have "NO" glass in the picnic bag, it may be checked at entrance.

    We usually get there early, do as much as possible on slides/wave pool. Chill out on lazy river and stay till early/mid pm or if it gets to busy then leave and go elsewhere.[clap][clap] Then go back on another day.

    If you split it up with say half day at DTD which is two minutes down the road you won't end up spending a lot of time queing[msnsad]

    Have a great time[msnsmile2][msnsmile2]

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    I'm afraid I'm not sure what day to go on, as when we were there last we went mid week- but I agree totally with mike in that getting there early is key no matter what day you go. We went to blizzard beach, and got there before rope drop, changed into our swimming gear and all, and it made the day so much more enjoyable! We were able to grab a few loungers together in the shade, whereas later in the day people were struggling to find some. Also, we were able to ride all of the big slides at least twice if not more, literally getting to the bottom of the slide and going straight back up to the top again! (my brother decided he wanted to go back on one of the slides at about 12.30 and had to queue for nearly an hour for a 40 second ride :/) The park was really quiet up until about 11, so we had so much time with a pretty much empty park because we got there early also, that sort of early morning sun is wayyyyy nicer to be in the water parks in than the sweltering midday sun, we think! Because we got all the slides out of the way early, we were then able to spend the rest of the afternoon in the wave pool and lazy river, before drying off and heading to downtown disney bliss!
    Hope this helped in some way at all, sorry I couldn't answer your query about which day to go on though! Have a great time whatever day you choose


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