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Thread: Christmas Eve

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    Christmas Eve

    Anyone have any idea what time Publix and walmart shut on Christmas eve?

    Am looking at flights that arrive at Sanford at 1615 and want to make sure we'd be able to get some supplies.

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    we have been there at Xmas many times and if I remember correctly the walmart near Medieval Times closed at 6pm , as I remember there was almost a riot in the car park with people trying to get in at the last minute.

    If you are arriving at 16.15 you will be cutting it fine if you have to clear customs and pick up a car , maybe if you just go to the nearest supermarket in Sanford, or if you are staying in a villa get your management company to pick up a few things .

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    Walmart closed around 6last year Christmas Eve. If youu arrive at 4.15 you are almost certainly going to be too late by the time you clear customs and get your car so I would definitely see if the mc could arrange to get some shopping for the first couple of days. The shops will open again day after Christmas and there will be somewhere to eat Christmas day. You could even take some cereals, tea, coffee, biscuits etc with you and just really get bread, milk, cheese etc that you cant take in with you. If you have stuff that will be eaten when you are going over then that will leave some empty room in your case for shopping when you come home.
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    There are convience store around like gas stations sell milk ,fresh coffee to takeaway and sandwiches also other things , and 7 up stores have lots of things now so save you shopping 1st day .
    Have a lovely vacation


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