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Thread: Sesame street at Busch gardens

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    Sesame street at Busch gardens

    Just been reading about this on another website, does anyone know if it is going to open and anymore about it.

    Sesame Street Safari of Fun is the new childrens area at Busch Gardens currently scheduled to open 27th March 2010.

    Sesame Street Safari of Fun replaces the area called Land of the Dragons. Existing rides have been renamed to fit in with Sesame Street theming. The area has also been doubled in size with the addition of some new attractions including a new rollercoaster that they are marketing as a childs first rollercoaster.

    Sounds fun


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    Sesame Street update

    Resurrecting this old thread to say we visited Busch Gardens last week with our 2.5 year old grandson. Sesame Street was a big hit and I think it has been a welcome addition to the park.
    There were plenty of opportunities to meet the characters and have photos taken, professional and your own. Lots of hugs from Elmo & Cookie Monster. They do a stage show twice a day with additional opportunity to meet all the cast afterwards.
    Grover's Roller Coaster was brilliant - but there is a minimum height restriction & quite rightly so. The other rides were:
    Mr Snuffaluffagus's - airplane ride,
    Big Bird's big wheel
    Hippo water flume
    Elmo's tree house which was fantastic!
    adults can accompany the little ones too.
    They also has an amazing water fountain park for children to play in. There were so many variations of water spouts,showers etc that children could have cooled off all day there.
    all in all a fantastic day and I think it knocked spots off Disney ( but we've not been there for a few years so I may be judging them unfairly 😜


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