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Thread: Anybody stayed at Kidani Village?

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    Anybody stayed at Kidani Village?

    Me and my family are staying in a 2 bedroom villa at Disney's Kidani Village at the end of August this year for the second week of our holiday and are really looking forward to it as we enjoyed our stay at Jambo House a few years ago. So I would appreciate it if anybody who has already stayed there (Kidani Village) can tell me what its like as I have found very few reviews of the resort so far?


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    I've never heard of Kidani Village, where is it?

    Just googled it, now I know it's at Animal Kingdom, looks loveley, sorry don't know anything about it but hope you have a great time.

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    I'm very surprised that you've not heard of it. It's the new phase of Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas in Disney World. I'm guessing you're not too familiar with disney hotels?

    Sorry Lyn I sent my last message before I received your second one.



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