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Thread: Buying a home in Florida..

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    Apr 2004

    Buying a home in Florida..

    I know this isn't quite the right spot to post this question, the "buying a villa" section is for posters who are owners already, I think... but we're considering a villa purchase in Kissimmee, and need some tips from the experts.

    Mind to pass along some wisdom to a newbie??[msnsmile]

    We've got a realtor, finances are all set, and we've made our list of what we want, and where..

    Yes, we are considering renting it.

    Tips on anything and everything - all appreciated.

    We just want to know what we really could be in for!![msnoo]


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    If you send an email to forums@orlandovillas.com stating your intentions, you will be given access to the public villa owners area where there is loads of info about buying a home in Florida [msnsmile]

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    Thanks Rosie, we'll do that!


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    Hi Mary
    Welcome to OV forum,you have come to the right place we have many experts who will help and guide you.
    Good luck with the purchase of your Florida home and enjoy the experience.


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