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Thread: Aquatica Newbie 2009

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    Aquatica Newbie 2009

    Hello Florida lovers!

    Im just missed the opening of Aquatica on my last trip, and will definately be making a stop on my next visit. I was really excited to hear about the dolphin slide as its such a unique idea that only Seaworld could get away with!

    However i've been reading some pretty poor reviews and was wondering how it rates compared to the other water parks? I've never visited a Disney water park either but have been to Wet & Wild a few times and generally enjoy the day there.

    Anyone visited who can give me a bit of a review?

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    Do have a look at SteveW's post in this section. He's posted some fantastic photos. We made a visit in May and thoroughly enjoyed it. Much smaller than Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, but still a great little park, with plenty of sunbeds. We prefer it to Wet & Wild. Here's a couple of shots of the gorgeous dolphins, you can see the tube slide in the background:



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