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Thread: Is Gatorland Worth It?

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    Nov 2006

    Is Gatorland Worth It?

    Its just over $24 per adult now inc tax, we went today to take 81 years old Ma who had never been.
    We hadn't been for over 10 years and it had changed a bit. First thing is there are no Florida resident annual passes which we used to get at a very reasonable rate, it encouraged residents to take their guests there. Very shortsighted of them to drop it IMHO.
    The old snake bursting the balloons show does not exist any more, inetad there is a short show where they open boxes and get animals out of them. Its actually better than it sounds but very short.
    We find many shows too short, but Brits generally have a longer attention span than Americans I am told so they make ths shows short.
    The old little train is gone, a newer bigger longer trainride is good but is an extra $2 per person.
    They really nickel and dime you at Gatorland, $10 to get your hands on a Gator in the wrestling ring, $5 to stroke a monitor lizard after the open the box show. Loads of little extras which would add up to big bucks if a family did them.
    The other shows are all the same as they ever have been in my time in Fl.

    In and out in 3 hours, saw and did everything, even with an 81 year old lady with limited mobility.

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    Never been in the summer time but went to Gatorland at Xmas 2006. Very quite with only a handful of visitors. Think we had done everything within 3 hours. Definatley worth a visit if you have never been before plus taking the kids back for a bit of Gator Rookey Wrestling

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    Brought my crew to Gatorland a couple of years ago and found it to be one big yawn! Really there are so many other things to do for the same amount of money that are more memorable. Personally I never recommend it to anybody. Better off spending the money on a Airboat ride!


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    I think it is a lovely place to spend an afternoon or morning. It is not a Theme park, more like a petting zoo really. We are so used to the slick parks in Florida, so understand why people would be disappointed if they are expecting this.

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    I agree with you Shirley - We really enjoy it and it's a good half day out.

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    We enjoyed gatorland but my sister inlaw was unimpressed

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    <blockquote id="quote" class="ffs">quote:Originally posted by eagleydo
    We enjoyed gatorland but my sister inlaw was unimpressed
    well you shouldn't have tried to feed her to the gators.

    Never been but, was going to go this year. was told to go after 1 as you get in cheeper, is that true?

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    Feb 2003
    We were never keen on going to Gatorland only this year we had a day to 'kill' and decided to go somewhere we had not been before.

    We had a great time and enjoyed ourselves. We were not particularly 'bothered' about the jumperoo but it did amuse us and the gator wrestling was more a gator information lesson which was quite interesting. I did not see one of the shows as I am snake phobic. They had a water area which looked good fun for youngsters and a train ride round the grounds. I had never realised there is a specific breed of white gators which are not albinos and found them fascinating. We loved the swamp walk which was very peaceful. What we had not realised was that it is a haven for birds nesting. By the big gator pond there were several species of birds nesting and we were able to see birds nest building, sitting on nests, young hatchlings, birds being fed by their parents right through to those who were about to fly the next.

    I do not know about it being cheaper after 1 pm but most of the coupon books have a voucher so we saved on entry anyway.

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    May 2009
    I think the first time around with Gatorland, with kids, you can spend most of the day being so close to all these gators. The evil looking crocs are pretty awesome. The show with the Crackers is good and everyone enjoys the photo oppurtunity on the gators back (a fairly small one with taped up mouth). I would watch all the shows (the 'petting' show is quite good and my daughter had a huge white python wrapped around her - the snake was also very fat from all the food to keep it docile!) Feeding the gators is fun especially in the huge lake at the back where there seem to be hundreds of them around the observation tower. Take some sausages with you and then you wont pay the park prices. The wild birds there are impressive if you like that kind of thing.

    I'd say $24/16 is still fairly reasonable compared to the day entry prices of the big parks - and Jill is right, there are always discount coupons for this one. There are add-on costs but I can understand why - lots of people don't want to sit on a gator or stroke a lizard/snake so a higher inclusive price might put them off (but as I recall there is a higher inclusive price also). There's not loads of activities but its a more relaxing day out to space out the hectic park days.

    I am looking right now at a mouse matt photo of my 2 kids with a small gator on their laps and python round their necks - you can't do that at Magic Kingdom! I think it is well worth the visit.

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    Gatorland is great for half a day. Don't forget to ask for Florida residents discounts....save yourself a few bucks.


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