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Thread: new sports bar at Osceola Mall

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    new sports bar at Osceola Mall

    Grand opening tonight November 9th for a new sports bar at the front of Osceola Mall. Can't remember the name of the place but if this is your thing, then it does look good.
    Wilf & Sarah

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    The OSCEOLA mall has been getting back to what it was years ago and attracting more shops back .
    Were the bar is now opening it was MORRISONS restaurant and was alway very busy as a lots of retired AMERICANS use to meet there ,But the mall seem to lose it when lots more outlets were built .
    We have a friend who has a coffee stall and he has been in there for years and has seen the ups and downs of the mall and is thrilled it is geting back some new shops and eating places as around there are places closing .
    Good luck to the bar and hope no trouble comes with the bar and gets a nice clientle and no one gets picked up for drink and driving .

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    Can you tell me the location of the Osceola Mall. We will be in orlando mid December and will probably take a look if we are in the area.



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    It's on the North side of 192 after mile marker 15 at the junction of 192 and Hoagland Rd.

    Regards Dave
    Dave Lewis


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