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Thread: our big mistake moving to florida

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    Bromsgrove, UK.
    I do sympathise and this is a strong lesson for many, never buy a business without doing strict due diligence and never part with any money until the visa is granted (your attorney should not have let you do this). Most businesses aimed at E2 visa are not good businesses, if there were good there would be sold to citizens, without the hassle of selling to someone applying for a visa.
    We lived there for 5 year and had to come back for different reasons, we would still be there if we had a choice. It is a fantastic place to make money and whilst I would not stay there forever, we did have a wonderful time and I would have loved another 5-10 years.
    For anyone thin king of making the move, I would strongly advose keeping some property back in the UK. This makes the burden of moving back (which most folks do) much easier.

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    Elaine, thank you for posting, and Yes it was very brave of you[grouphug][grouphug][grouphug]

    We had an offer to move over in 2004 as my husbands business at the time was doing some work in the US and we were told there would be lots more, and for a little while we were tempted but decided not too and thank godness as the work over there has virtually dried up and we would have been in dire straits[msnsad]

    I wish you all the best once you get back to the UK, do you know where in the UK you will live?

    All the best[grouphug]

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    I have to say if the business was so bad I am surprised that you managed to sell it and you were lucky to do so. Did it sell to another visa applicant or to a US citizen?

    It was brave of you sharing that story, am sorry that you are going home without anything. It must be hard on your daughter, I know my teenage son quickly became an American and would take the pledge of allegiance tomorrow if he could. My story is somewhat different. The E2 business we bought was bad also, but we picked ourselves off the floor and started something else. We were there for nearly four years and though we had to leave late last year, it was due to visa renewal problems due to a technicality and nothing to do with the business we had which we also managed to sell. We were lucky and came home with considerably more than we went out with. I am currently in Portugal ( I would agree about keeping a property in the UK, Martin, the property ladder there had moved on without us!) but want to go back to Florida and will one day do that, it gets in your blood. My son was lucky enough to get his own visa to go back, international students visa, though his fees are very costly. As Chrissy says there are forums out there with returning to the UK sections where you can share your story and pick up some tips, if she hasnt already dm-ed you, let me know.

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    Sorry to hear you also came back Julie, your profile still says USA so I did not realise, glad things are working out though[msnsmile]

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    Elaine, I know it has been hard for you in the last few months and thanks for being honest about your experience.

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    wishing you and your family much happiness for the future Elaine[grouphug]


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    Thank you for sharing your experiences.
    I sincerely hope your life will soon be back to a more positive outlook.

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    A really sad post, I hope you get your life back on track really soon. Sorry things went so wrong for you. Best of luck to you and your family for the future [grouphug]
    Nikki D

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    So sorry that things did not turn out well for you Elaine. I wish you all the best once you return to the UK.


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    Sorry it did not work out for you Elaine, but at least you gave it a try.


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