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Thread: Church Street Station

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    Church Street Station

    Has anyone had any experience of the atractions, pubs etc. at Church Street Station?
    It is in downtown Orlando and is off exit 40 on the I-4 going north. I understand that there is a lively night life atmosphere which is attended by mainly the over 20's to 30 somethings. My son and his mate went there on Sunday only to find it completely dead. Apparently the activity really takes off on Friday and Saturday nights. So they are going there this Friday and Saturday.


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    I have been a couple of times, quite a few years ago now, it was always very busy then, maybe its not the in place anymore.
    We visited Terror on Church Street which was good fun and very scary.


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    From what I can gather, Church street station is going downhill. We heard when we first started to visit Orlando (1992) that it was a great night out, and always meant to try it. We always used to see the planes flying the banners for Rosie O Gradys at Church Street, but the last couple of visits, must say I havnt noticed them or many other adverts for it.

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    I am afraid the first visit to Chuech Street was my lastIt was ok, but lacked atmosphere during the day! You hardly hear about it these days, anyone been in 2004?

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    It's closed!

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    Some people claim that the rapidly developing Pointe Orlando area is going to be a kind of alternative for Church Street. PO has some Night Life already with its Metropolis & Matrix clubs and I am sure more will follow soon.

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    i have heard that church st station is open again, but cant find much info on the web, has anyone seen or been or heard anything recently? i gather Rosie o gradies isnt there (the best bit IMHO) but if there are otehr similar things to do then possibly worth a trip???


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    It is no mre, gone, closed, lived and died
    Good US train engine you could get on tho'
    Ian Dee
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    There are quite a few bars and restaurants around this area now. Rosie O Grady's hasn't re-opened but the Cheyenne Saloon has. We took a look around in June and it was very busy with youngsters.


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