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Thread: What to do for Thanksgiving?

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    What to do for Thanksgiving?

    I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for Thanksgiving? It is just the two of us this time, so we hadn't planned any visits to the parks. Do you know of any nice places to eat? Is everything closed on that day? Including supermarkets? Its only a week till we go, and I haven't put any thought into it at all.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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    Mar 2005
    If you want to eat out, you really do need to book. Gaylord Palms is lovely one or two other suggestions here http://www.orlando-guide.info/forums/topic_15102.asp

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    I;m sure someone told me that Mimi's did a special thanksgiving lunch/dinner.

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    I think some shops close early. And I KNOW that the parks are heaving! Caught us (and many Americans) out - we all expected people to be at home with their families - but they seemed to have gone to the parks instead!!



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