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Thread: Ready for Christmas?

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    I don't know how you people do it!! I haven't even begun to THINK about it[msnsad] Not even a list from the kids, and we are going away on Saturday until the 28th!!. I guess I'll have a busy December

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    I haven't begun anything either. I have started thinking, but that's as far as I have got. Our local town centre Christmas lights were switched on on the 2nd of November [msneek]- that's far too early in my opinion. The 1st of December is soon enough for me, for 'official' lights to be switched on. When everything is done too early, it all begins to look a bit jaded by the time Christmas does roll around. In our house we put the tree up about 4 or 5 days before Christmas - usually at a weekend, but it depends when Christmas falls really.

    I quite agree that Christmas is becoming more and more about consumer spending - but surely we can do our Christmas shopping without having all the decorations in the town and the Christmas music playing in the shops?

    I think it is a bit of a joke that we know that the school summer holidays are over when the selection boxes and huge tins of Quality Street appear in the supermarkets! Just as we know it must be Boxing Day because the Easter Eggs are on sale!! [msnscared]


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    Got our checklist for Christmas,

    Flights: check
    Villa: check
    Christmas Lunch booked: check


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    where have you booked a christmas lunch still looking for somewhere

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    Well, I say lunch but it's more of a dinner as it's booked for 17:15 at the Gaylord Palms.

    We've also got ICE! tickets so we'll spend a few hours there prior visiting the exhibit and partaking in some ice skating.

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    havent stared yet, well i have a little bit [msnoo]

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    I love Christmas and did quite a lot of shopping when we were last in Orlando. The tree in my school goes up on Friday - everything seems early as we break up on 15th December this year. I'll buy a tree (love a real one) a week or ten days before Christmas.

    Our local town hasn't got any decorations/lights up but it is in a mess with car parks closed whilst they build an entertainment/shopping area so I'm not sure if they'll bother this year. (I've heard business is down because of this).

    Many of my presents are wrapped as they have to be posted to relatives... cards are written too! I've also got a daughter with a birthday in December so I usually have to organise this early as it clashes with so many Christmas events.

    We haven't lost the meaning of Christmas in our family as we will be at several services at our church over the Christmas period and our children participate in these too. The 4pm Christmas Family Service is always packed with villagers visiting and wanting to remember why we do it all.

    Having done all this I hope to be able to just take the Christmas break easy, relax and enjoy myself.


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    I am nearly organised with the Christmas shopping this year, usually its all a last minute dash but this year as we are away in Florida, I have made an effort to get organised. Nearly there just a few bits and pieces left to get and cards to write and gifts to wrap.

    We are having a family Christmas on the 10th December with my folks and brother, full christmas dinner and gifts and everything.[msnsmile2]

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    <blockquote id="quote" class="ffs">quote:Originally posted by MarkJan
    <blockquote id="quote" class="ffs">quote:Originally posted by pure
    My neighbours are already decorating their houses![/quote]

    How sad is that? [V]

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    Our local radio station today reported that one house in Chelmsford is already 'dressed' with lots of festive lights.

    We have not started Christmas shopping yet and are intending to wait until 1st December when we are going to the Christmas market in Bath. Will not put up decorations until Robert comes home from university but as our eldest son will be in Australia this Christmas it will seem a strange Christmas anyway.


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