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Thread: Virgin PE Upgrade

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    Virgin PE Upgrade

    I thought it was psoted on here somewhere but I can't find it[msnscared] A little while ago on the Virgin website they were talking about upgrading the facilities in PE. Yestreday I got an email from Virgin -

    Our dedicated Premium Economy cabin has been designed to give you plenty of personal space, a place where you can relax, stretch out and unwind during your flight. The most obvious change you'll see is our new Premium Economy seat.* It's the widest seat in its class, with an increased seat width of 21 inches (equivalent to seats in other airlines' business class), making it around three inches wider than other airlines' Premium Economy seats. Two degrees of recline have also been added, giving a total of 16 degrees. All this is in addition to the extra six inches of legroom you can already enjoy in Premium Economy.

    *The new seat is already available on selected flights and is rolling out across our fleet.

    Covered in sumptuous purple leather, our new Premium Economy seat is more comfortable than ever. It boasts advanced ergonomics with lumbar support, an adjustable headrest with wings and a dual position footrest, all to help you relax and enjoy your flight. Combine this with laptop power† and a redesigned table and the new Premium Economy seat is the perfect space in which to work or relax.

    † Available on London Heathrow routes.
    *The new seat is already available on selected flights and is rolling out across our fleet.

    As soon as you're comfortable in your seat, you'll be offered a preflight drink before you choose one of three tempting meals from a delicious menu. Your choice will be served on china dinnerware with accompanying stainless steel cutlery. To finish, an after dinner liqueur will be delivered to your seat, and later in the flight, you'll be offered a selection of fruit from the fruit bowl.*

    *Rolling out across our fleet from December 2006.

    These are the main changes.[msnsmile2]

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    So, no extra legroom, a whole 2 degrees of extra recline and a piece of fruit. Where do I book before all these are snapped up?

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    Gold 5 Star Member LiesaAnna's Avatar
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    KG, they will already have all gone by now [msnwink]

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    <blockquote id="quote" class="ffs">quote:So, no extra legroom, a whole 2 degrees of extra recline and a piece of fruit. Where do I book before all these are snapped up?[/quote]

    I think you are being a little unfair with "a piece of fruit' it does say "selection of fruit" so you might be able to have an apple and a pear!

    Also don't forget the redesigned table!

    Not for me though; purple is so not my colour; despite it's
    association with royalty and status!

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    Ray recieved a very nice booklet telling him about these upgrades this week, very nicely designed but must have cost a bit.[msneek][msnsmile]

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    What't the fruit all about[msneek]

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    Its a wider chair, not sure of the colour though. The legroom is ample for me, at least they will be nice new seats.

    They originally said that a fruit bowl would be avavilable throughout the flight, I presumed you just help yourself (the wife will be happy - she's addicted to fruit).

    Hopefully this will be in place ready for our flight in July[msntongue]

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    Extra recline actually puts me off because I never do and the person in front of me always does! This is my biggest irritation during a flight. Maybe 1st class one day!

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    i'm looking forward to flying PE for the first time in march[msnwink]

    that's only only 4 months 12 days 1 hour 34 mins and 20 seconds to wait[msnsmile2]

    high on my wish list would be real coffee in a proper cup and not a plastic one


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    Aug 2004
    We fly Premium Economy with Virgin for the first time at New Year. Not too bothered about the leather seats!, but like the idea of eating off proper china plates with cutlery. Wonder if they will have upgraded things by the time we go.



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