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Thread: EB5 visa

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    Apr 2005
    hi, hopefully medical issues will be resolved this week, hope to get passports back in a couple of weeks. We are happy with the Seattle project, this will provide a good steady income, lucky we dont mind hardwork, hope to start a business when we finally arrive.

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    If I was interested in the Seattle project I would make contact direct first. As I understand it if you make enquiries in UK of a prominent financial and EB5 adviser who has been actively promoting EB5 you will find he will be paid $10,000 as part of the package - for putting you in touch with AMLife as a finders fee.
    If you have an independent financial adviser then he/she may instead get the fee from AMLife of their agent in the UK, Taroa.
    However its YOU who has to pay the $10,000, just part of the $50,000 extra or so you will be paying in extras.
    I am not sure if some of this is avoidable if you make contact directly first with US office of Amlife, anyone know?

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    Yes, my friends went directly to Amlife, mind you they were already here on E2 so it may have been easier for them.


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