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Thread: English American style!

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    Didn't take offense at all! Just goes to show how different we speak.

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    <blockquote id="quote" class="ffs">quote:Originally posted by DiannaUK
    Hi, the difference in language is funny, isn't it
    My father is Canadian but we've always lived in the UK and when I first started school at the age of 5, I was talking sidewalks and elevators and my school friends thought I was a martian. I decided it wasn't cool to speak like that and it's taken 40 odd years to get out of the habit, but now I'm going to Florida regularly, it's all coming back to me.

    I understand that the worst thing to say when looking for the ladies is to ask for the "toilet" as apparently this is considered a rude and crass word to use [:O] but I still find it odd to say "rest" room because rest is not what we need to do in there[:I]

    Oh well, viva la difference.


    What do you use for the words sidewalks and elevators in the UK? Years ago when I worked in a call center for a large catolog company there would be a sign on the wall stating how many callers were in "queue". This is when I first heard of that term.


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    Hi Kay,

    In the UK the elevator is the lift and the sidewalk is the footpath or pavement(the pavement is the road) we thought it was really strange one year when we were driving to Clearwater that there were road signs saying "uneven pavement" as there were no pavements (sidewalks)! That's when we realised that in the US the pavement was not the same as in the UK. [:I]


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