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Thread: Dinner or Tea (aka Lunch or Dinner)?

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    Aug 2003

    Dinner or Tea (aka Lunch or Dinner)?

    Today is PS for Thanksgiving but I have one more question before booking.

    Should it be a lunchtime event, an evening meal or is it flexible?
    This will determine the time I book it for...

    12 midday is the booking time so this is a timed quiz



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    High Wycombe
    Look on TG as like Christmas here. It's a big family thing and a lot people tend to have an afternoon meal. I would think if you want those sort of time they will go quickly.

    Regards Dave
    Dave Lewis

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    Aug 2003
    Might go for late afternoon / early evening then.
    Not failed in two attempts getting CRT so here's to the hat-trick

    Might try 50's Prime Time since that is meant to be a homely atmosphere. Just perfect for Thanksgiving if a little busy.



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