View Full Version : Loved Aquatica

25-10-2009, 19:32
Just our opinion of course but we loved Aquatica.
We are big Typhoon Lagoon fans but have to admit loved Aquatica much better and is now our first choice of water park.

25-10-2009, 20:45
We agree[clap][clap]we love aquatica

25-10-2009, 20:56
Yes we are converts too[msnsmile]

25-10-2009, 22:35
all our gang went to aquatica much ore than the Disney waterparks in April, definately the best,love the not so lazy river.

26-10-2009, 00:27
We went twice last week - loved it:D

26-10-2009, 14:06
We went twice last week as well, liked it more than I expected, wasn't as busy as I thought it would be either considering it is a new (ish) park.

26-10-2009, 14:13
I absolutely loved the lazy river! Its fantastic, and it was so warm, too.

My two kids (adults!) really liked Aquatica, and I would definitely visit it again.

09-09-2010, 12:56
Sounds great we are going there in febuary cant wait we loved typhoon lagoon so cant wait thanks.

09-09-2010, 14:03
We always thought Typhoon Lagoon was the best water park but really enjoyed our visit to Aquatica earlier this year. Will definitely be going again.

09-09-2010, 17:40
We're big Aquatica fans too. Went last Monday and had a fantastic day. We find that there is something for everyone - our eldest three just go off and do their own thing, our little one (4) has great fun in the kiddies area, Dad gets his thrill ride (even though he is yet to see the dolphins - lol) and even wussie (sp??) mummy finds something to go on!! We noticed this time that the "sneaker keepers" i.e. places to put your shoes at the start of the rides where a new addition and very welcome as the pavement get very hot underfoot!!!

10-09-2010, 01:09
I thought it was not worth the money,dissapointed...$10 for large cubical and $15 to park and $100 for a gazebo and few chairs lol,and the food well...$15 for fries and 2 burgers that were [xx(]

Out of all the water parks we done this park by 2pm and came away.wont be going back!

Oh and they advertise it with the tube thru the dolphin pond as you seeing them,you dont see nothing at all the tube is silver and you get-no joke- blink of an eye view...not good!

10-09-2010, 18:11
The bit where you go through the dolphin tank was a massive disappointment for me, but all in all, I much prefer Aquatica to either of the Disney water parks.

11-09-2010, 00:58
Glad to hear that most people seem to like Aquatica as am planning on treating the family to a visit there next year. They love Typhoon Lagoon and hope this will prove just as successful.