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24-05-2008, 05:04
We have just been to Aquatica today.
We got rained out at 4.30pm but it was time to hit the Banana Cook House anyway. Great value all day ticket was $19.95 for Adults and $12.95 for the kids... free food and drink all day.

The one thing that struck me was the amount of chairs and loungers they had (compared to the other water parks). We didn't get there until 10.15am and we managed to get 5 loungers right next to the play area.

The rides were all great fun but just be careful when you go on the 'Roa's Rapids' ... its a lazy river type ride without tubes... you just put on a life vest and float ( or should I say get propelled) around the river. It is VERY hard to exit as the current is VERY strong. I lost a wife and daughter[msnoo] and also had to console a young 8 year old girl who got off but mum didn't.

Hope you like the photo's.
Small lockers $8 (but you get a $3 voucher when you return the key)

Nearly forgot... we got great tickets from the link above. Two parks... Sea World and Aquatica.... unlimited access for 14 days... we will be going to both parks again !

Comments from the kids were this is the "best water park ever"... I must admit there seemed a good amount of rides.





















24-05-2008, 05:25
Fab pictures Steve, we are still to try Aquatica and those photo's certainly make it look inviting.

24-05-2008, 13:27
Great pictures Steve thank you.

Lynne S
24-05-2008, 13:50
Great photos Steve, glad to hear you, Sarah and the kids are having a wonderful time [8D][8D]

Mr G
24-05-2008, 14:06
Wow, Steve it seems to have quietened down since March.

We went in March and it was packed and loads of queues for the rides,...... mind you it had just opened[:o)]

It looked to be empty when you went with loads of empty sunbeds and even the lazy river looks empty.

Your last two photos shows a great attraction Our Son Charlie loved that one the best.There was so much to do on it.

I wonder if the park is proving as popular as first thought as it does look empty. I have never seen Blizzard Beach or TL as empty as that.

24-05-2008, 15:20
Great photo's Steve, will be buying the same tickets as you.

24-05-2008, 17:02
brilliant pictures!! never been to a waterpark yet....maybe one day!!

24-05-2008, 17:12
Will definately be giving this a go, we always go to wet n wild and have a great day out.

24-05-2008, 23:15
Thanks for the photos Steve [msnsmile2] the best we have seen of Aquatica, shown our littlins and this is now top of their list for this summer lol [8D]

25-05-2008, 00:36
Looks like great fun and can't wait to try. Have only been to TL so we are also going to give BB a try too[clap]

25-05-2008, 02:11
Those are great photo's. We went to Aquatica a couple of weeks ago and I was expecting it to be very busy. Very surprised to find how 'quiet' it was (no complaints here). There were lots of sunbeds free so I expect it would get very busy in the summer.

Personally I loved it. I think SeaWorld have the mix right between Discovery Cove and Aquatica. One relaxing with the dolphins, tropical fish and excotic birds, the other having fun with water slides, beaches and sunbeds.

25-05-2008, 23:58
Not a place we have fitted in just yet..perhaps after seeing your lovely pics Steve, we may make it next trip, October at the moment...but you never know!!![msncool] Looks fab!!

gail and david roberts
26-05-2008, 12:37
Great Picture Looks amazing will be going in October
Thank you for Posting [msnsmile2]

27-05-2008, 02:17
Great pics Steve.
You were lucky............. looks so quiet.
We went to Aquatica the day before, on Friday 23rd.
We were surprised that we had to pay $10 to park, as the disney waterparks are free parking.
We got there at 11am, it was VERY busy.
Big ques for bag check, locker key, food etc
The que for one of the slides was nearly 2hour wait !
Plenty of chairs and beds though.
Loved roa's rapids but know what you mean when you try to get out [msnmad]
Great park,but was just too busy for us, that particular day.
We will have to try the slides next time.
Not sure I agree with the $8 for lockers, they give you $3 dolllar gift card on return of key ??????? why dont they just charge 5 dollars?


27-05-2008, 02:39
Great photos. Certain days seem busier than others for no obvious reason. We've been a few times, usually quiet, but a few days ago we went at around 11:00am and the park was full to capacity, so they were giving away free Sea World tickets to those that could not get in. We also went over to Sea World instead and that was heaving (probably in part due to all the people with extra tickets from Aquatica).

Charlotte has just come back from a day at Universal / IoA. We expected it to be busy with it being Bank Holiday here, but it was fairly quiet apparently.

Paula D-S
27-05-2008, 03:06
Looks like a really good day out Steve, we are looking forward to visiting in July.

<blockquote id="quote" class="ffs">quote:Originally posted by SteveW
Great value all day ticket was $19.95 for Adults and $12.95 for the kids... free food and drink all day.
Is this right?????
Free food and drink all day.....why?

18-06-2008, 13:42
Hey Steve
Thanks for all your info and pictures of Aquatica.
I now feel like I was there.
We hope to go over in Sept this year and will definitly be visiting the Park.

many thanks


18-06-2008, 16:06
Thanks Steve!
Great pictures and info[msncool], now on my must do list[msnsmile2]!

20-06-2008, 20:04
Pics look great
can't wait to try it out[msnsmile2]
we have only been to TL hoping to go to BB next time[clap]


23-06-2008, 16:37
Great pics Steve - We are over in July and will be going then so will let you know what we think


23-06-2008, 20:13
Hi Steve.
Great photo's,We are also visiting in July,and Aquatica is on our must-do list.Can't wait now just 18 days left to go.

01-07-2008, 00:55
Great pictures
We plan to go in january We also plan to get our tickets from this site Do you have to buy special tickets to have food and beverages included or ar they all the same.
We are going to purchase flexi ticket plus from martin